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Do I qualify for a UK residential mortgage?

To qualify for a mortgage in the UK, an affordability calculation is used to establish whether you can afford to maintain the mortgage repayments, and then an income multiple of up to 5 times your joint income can be applied. This varies between lenders and whether you are a first or second time buyer.

How much can I borrow?

Calculation based on the valuation or purchase price, whichever is the lower.

Up to 95% of LTV available for house purchase, 90% for Re-Mortgage or 85% for Equity Release for a number of purposes.

Existing liabilities, e.g. ongoing mortgage payments, loans, credit card payments, child care and maintenance are taken into account.

What evidence of income do I need?

If you are employed:

Your last three month’s payslips
Your latest P60
Your last three month’s personal bank statements
Proof of savings
ID and proof of address

If you are self-employed:

Your last two year’s SA302’s and tax overviews.
Your last 3 month’s personal and business bank statements.
Proof of savings
ID and proof of address

What types of UK mortgages are available?

For our latest rates and to see the different types of UK mortgages on offer, please contact us or visit the latest rates section of our website.

The maximum term of any mortgage is 40 years (to age 85 maximum), this varies between lenders, and additional proof of retirement income may be required if the mortgage extends beyond your 70th birthday.
The minimum amount is £25,001

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