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Are you an estate agent, developer or mortgage broker

If you are an Estate Agent or a Finance Broker, you will have noticed that it is now much harder to find mortgages for your clients.

If you can find a lender, you may find that:

  • many of the conditions are far more onerous
  • the required documentation has now increased enormously
  • proof of deposit payment is usually required
  • Experian or Equifax reports are now being asked for.

By using Mortgage Helpline International you will be dealing with experts in the mortgage market.

We know which banks to approach with each individual case. And because of the volume of business we place with them, many are often happy to overlook some small technicalities in order to get a percentage of our overall mortgage business.

By using our free client pre-qualification service you can save time and money and let us take the difficulty out of getting your clients mortgages approved quickly and efficiently.

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